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Today is a great day. Today is the first day .cloud domains are available to the general public.

During the next 10 days, until February 5th, everyone that has been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to get their hands on a .cloud domain will be able to be first in line by joining the Priority Registration phase (commonly referred to as ”Landrush”).

In spite of the name, there is however no real ”rush” to be first! All orders submitted will be considered at the same time. After this 10 day period domains that have only received one request will be allocated for immediate use, while the ones that received multiple applications with the same .cloud domain will be allocated through an auction process. On February 16th .cloud will enter General Availability, and domains will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis from that point on.

After many months we are finally reaching a key milestone that we have been looking forward to so much. Reflecting on the months bulding up to now, we enter this period with great anticipation since .cloud has been very well received. We were happy with our Sunrise results that closed just a few days ago. It reinforced our confidence in the value of the extension we’re bringing to market and its ability to inspire people to think differently and let their creativity flow.

Our feet are still solidly on the ground as the real work begins now. But we are happy to be able to count on the great support of our Registrars, Partners and Pioneers from all over the world.

Today we also celebrate by welcoming a great new addition to our Pioneer family.

FoodCloud is such a simple and brilliant idea – established with the aim of reducing food waste and restoring community spirit based on shared food. FoodCloud is a social enterprise and registered charity that connects businesses with surplus food with charities that can use the food through an app and website.

Started in Dublin in 2013, in two very short years it has grown to work with some of the leading business like Tesco and charities across 26 countires, moving over 10 tonnes of food a week.

Their first annual report, released last week, is an impressive read and a great testimony of their commitment to using the power of the cloud to make it easier and more affordable to deal with food waste in a smart way.

2016 is set to be a great year as they have impressive plans to bring their solution to more communities throughout the UK and Europe.

We are extremely inspired that they decided to share their journey with us by chosing .cloud. and switching their main web-address to food.cloud to herald their international expansion and spread the word about their innovative technology.

It is stories like this one that truly inspire us as well as the great opportunity to connect with cool people and their brilliant ideas. As the extension is finally becoming more widely available, we are excited to see how people will use their .cloud domains… Go on then, the wait is finally over so get your .cloud now and show the world the best of you!